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Exterior Products

AQUATEX™ Decorative Colorant

Water based, pure acrylic emulsion based, transparent, semi-matt, decorative colorant.


Pamukkale® Aquatex™ technology is compatible with both interior and exterior with appropriate primer. Highly resistant to UV light. Decorative and protective.


It can be applied on concrete, plaster, mdf, osb, brick tile, old painted interior and exterior, and jambs to generate wooden-like appearance.


First, surface must be prepared. Before primer application make sure that the surface is dry, smooth, solid and clean. Pamukkale® Siliconed White Primer is recommended to make best use of its transparency. For greater visuals, apply with brush and do the brushing in the same direction. During application, temperature should be between 5 – 30°C. During application and drying, surface must be protected from rain and frost. After application used equipments must be cleaned with water. Avoid direct paint application on lime or loose layers.


Should be thinned with 5-10% clean water.


First dry        : 1-1,5 hr.

Second dry   : 4-6 hr.

Final dry       : 24 hr.


Depending on absorbency of the surface, 13-18 m²/lt area can be coated.


Protected from frost and direct sunlight in a cool place, it can be stored for 5 years.


15 Lt, 2,5 Lt.


S 2               : Keep out of reach of children.

S 3/7/9         : Keep container tightly closed in a cool and well ventilated areas.

S 24/25        : Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

S 46             : If swallowed contact with a doctor immediately.