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Base Group Products


Acrylic copolimer emulsion based, enhanced with silicone additive, matt, high strength, interior wall paint. Does not prevent the surface to breathe. No cracking, no chalking and no exfoliation.



It can be applied on concrete, plaster,mdf, brick tile etc. Surfaces should be cleaned of any dirt, dust, oil or old paint remainings before application. If the surface is too dusty then PRESTIGE INT-EXT PRIMER should be used as primer layer. During application and drying temperature should be between 5oC – 35oC. Avoid direct paint application on lime or loose layers.



Shouıld be thinned with clean water. First layer : %15-%20; Second layer : %10-%15.



First dry 1 hr. Second layer application : 3-6 hr. Final dry : 24hr



Depending on absorbency of surface with 1 kg of paint, 8-10 m2 area can be coated.